Benefits Of Setting Up An Offshore Development Center In India


In recent years, there has been a continuous increase in outsourcing of software development projects to companies in developing countries. Developed countries have to incur huge development expenses due to high labor costs. They thus seek countries offering cost-effective software development options. For them, India is one of the most preferred locations for offshore development.

Advantage India! There are many advantages of setting up an offshore development center commonly known as ODC in India:

Cost Efficiency

As compared to other countries, the cost of labor in India is lower. Skilled workforce is available at competitive rates, making the development process cost-effective. The outsourcing companies do not require setting up and maintaining costly infrastructure as Indian offshore companies invest in it. Thus, they get cost-effective services from India, allowing them to get better value for their money.

High Quality and Customized Services

The offshore development centers in India deliver high quality, international standard services. A large number of Indian companies are CMM and ISO certified, ensuring delivery of superior quality projects. The professionals adhere to the quality standards in the development process. They provide customized services tailored to meet outsourcing company’s specific business requirements. They are also flexible to work according to international time zones, providing 24/7 support.

Strong Technical Expertise

India has highly qualified and skilled people, along with the technical expertise to deliver optimized software solutions. Technology experts in India are abreast with technological upgrades and use the latest tools and techniques to develop highly efficient solutions. These professionals build innovative, robust and scalable solutions to help clients enhance their profitability.

Good Communication Skills

English is widely spoken in India, which makes interaction with Indian professionals easier. They use various communication modes like Phone, Email, and Chat to facilitate smooth communication with clients. The Indian accent is also mild, thus making communications easier to follow.

Quick Time-to-Market

The offshore development centers in India ensure quick time-to-market by meeting deadlines in a timely manner. This enables outsourcing companies to launch their products faster and get a competitive edge.

Fast Growth

The outsourcing companies can give more time in formulating strategies and decision-making. They can manage their core business processes and take quick decisions as the offshore vendor looks after the entire development process. The professionals in India are capable of handling development projects effectively. This reduces clients’ burden and helps them to concentrate on managing business operations, resulting in faster growth.

Government’s Support

Indian Government promotes IT sector and supports IT initiatives. There is a separate department for IT, which frames liberal policies to attract outsourcing. The government also offers tax benefits to these firms, putting in continuous efforts to develop outsourcing industry in India.

India is among those few locations where outsourcing companies get several advantages, helping them fulfill their business objectives. They find India an “outsourcing-friendly” destination. Global businesses thus choose India over other developing countries for their outsourcing needs to achieve faster growth and an advantage over their competitors.

Source by Minesh Vinod Doshi


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