CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 Review

CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 is software created by Patric Chan. It is an update to the 2016 version. This product was introduced to assist affiliate marketers, especially the newbie, to increase or create earnings on the internet.

Patric Chan is a well-known internet marketer, with proven and converting marketing information. Even though we know Patric Chan as a fruitful and reputable marketer, we still must make a comprehensive review of his product to ascertain if it can generate recurring income or revenue with 100% automation.

My Review

This program created by Patric Chan gives newbies the opportunity to duplicate and clone his complete marketing system and techniques. With the aid of this software, users need not write or generate any content, products to sell, build any membership program, create their own free offer, pay for web hosting or auto-responders, write sales letters, send out emails, provide any follow up or customer service, research what products or affiliate programs to promote or learn the marketing technique.

All Patric needs from you is to promote a “secret” squeeze page that will help you to get subscribers – potential buyers. This is a golden opportunity for an experienced marketer to generate additional passive income.

The moment you’ve adequately promoted your “secret” squeeze page, and you have subscribers, you are no longer required to take any further action to make money, because at that stage onwards, Patric will be doing the remaining work for you.

How CB Passive Income Works

To partake in this program, you are expected to buy the license for the software. Once this is done, you are provided with a unique link to access a “secret web page”, leading to your extremely valuable software and free course.

You promote a “secret” squeeze page that will assist you to get your subscribers. Once they subscribe to the squeeze page and an email is sent to the list from the system, it will bear your affiliate link to any product being promoted to enable you to earn affiliate commission from it. There is a great potential for every email containing your affiliate link sent out from the CB Passive Income’s system to make massive money for you. You do not even need to do any work or promotion after that, as the work is already done for you by Patric Chan.

What will you get from purchasing CB Passive Income License Program 4.0?

– You will be the proud owner of a Clone “Secret Web Page” – A secret web page that is ready-to-go; all you are required to do is promote the unique affiliate link created for you. With version 4.0, you receive Multiple Secret Webpages to use.

– You receive a valuable gift as a Giveaway – This Free gift is integrated with your clone web page. It is all automated.

– You reap from a Continual Income Stream – With version 4.0, the software will, without human intervention, “insert” your affiliate ID inside the product recommended in the software. Above all, it allows you to create more passive income.

– You Earn Lifetime Commission – When people subscribe to your “Secret web page” for free, you’ll receive a lifetime commission on each product they buy from the promotion.

– It provides a Solid Internet Business – With the system upgraded to 4.0, you’re building a real solid online business at low cost of development with hundreds of recorded success stories.

– Unlimited Access to Promotion Training Courses – You’ll gain access to eBooks and video training on how to promote your internet business. With the current version 4.0, there is video training added to teach you how to improve and attract traffic.

The Pros

• Free web hosting

• Only One-time payment

• There is free training provided

• Free auto-replying of emails

• Free email newsletters created and sent

• Free website clone

The Cons

• There is No free trial

• Leads are hard to find

• No email list, without the upsells of pro

• No actual training on a real business

• Upsells and down sells

• Still must get leads for the emails

How much does it cost?

There is a payment of $97 flat one-time fee or $37 monthly payment that is refundable to you if you do not like the program, no questions asked. An option for the pro version cost is $97.It gives you the opportunity to double your income and earnings and receive the e-mails lists signing up with you. You have the email list for your use or for whatever choice of business you choose to set up. The system allows you to get paid for giving leads to the owner and still get paid for getting sales. Apparently, Patric has added some upsells to the new 4.0 upgrade.


CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 offers email marketing strategies that give the opportunity for you to profit off the products Patric Chan sells. It allows you gain or earn from each email subscriber for the rest of your life. You will also be exposed to free status reports on every purchase your email subscribers have made. If this program is set up correctly and leads are generated, you will have the golden opportunity to make a profit from it.

Lead generation is not an easy task, especially for the newbie marketer. It’s not a good idea that the user does not have absolute control over their email lists and has to promote exclusively what Patric decides. If you can drive traffic to your website, it will profit more to start your own and have full control. If you do not have the amount to sign up now, you can sign up for 14 days at a cost of $1.

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