Reasons for Need of ISO 14001 Certification in Organizations

As we are already witnessing the sudden transformation in the climate due to environment changes on earth. There was already an urgent need of the strict parameters which follows and enable the industries to follow the sustainable development approach. Due to sudden urbanization and globalization, Industries started setting up their manufacturing and processing units which was good for the economic growth, but not good for the environment.

ISO 14001 is an universally accepted standard which fulfills the requirements of the environmental management systems. ISO 14001 certificate supports the environmental development from the behalf of organizations through optimum utilization of resources and mitigation of water and getting an edge over the competitive environment and trust of stakeholders.

An effective environment management system supports the organization to check, clarify, control and monitor environmental issues in an “Holistic” manner. There are other ISO standards that helps in managing systems such as, ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 45001 for occupational safety. Which means that ISO 14001 can be collaborated into existing ISO Management system.

ISO 14001 is fit for the all types organizations whether it is private or government it requires that an organization should consider all the environmental threats apart from its operations, such as water and sewage issues, waste disposal and management, soil contamination, climate changes and adaptation and optimum utilization of resources.

Just like all the ISO management standards, ISO 14001 includes the continuous improvement of an organization’s systems and concerns. Recently, the standards has been revised with the important improvements such as increased importance of environmental management with the better planning and increased input from the leadership and stronger commitment to initiatives which increases the environmental performance.

Benefits of ISO 14001

There are certain reasons for the ISO 14001 standard and an organization should choose the strategic approach to improve the performance and use of the standard has demonstrated compliance with the current and upcoming regulatory requirements which will include leadership involvement and employee engagement. When employees and leadership work together, the company’s reputation and confidence is increased which is good in terms of production and output. The stakeholders of the company are in confidence when there is a proper channelization of resourced and management. Due to the better ISO standards the efficiency is increased and costs are reduced which encourages better performance of suppliers by collaborating the into the systems.

14001 ISO accreditation is not a requirement, organizations can take out many benefits by using the standard without going through the whole process. The third party certification-Where an independent body checks your operations and grants you the certifications which turns out to be a better way of attracting your buyers, customers and other stakeholders if adapted properly.

Source by Sourav Singh Jha

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