SEO Myths – What to Believe and Not To Believe When It Comes to Your SEO Campaign

SEO, search engine optimization, is one of the things that can make a businessperson cringe, whether you own your own company or you are the director of a large corporation, those three letters or words are the one thing you do not want to hear in a meeting or when discussing the latest marketing report and budget.

What is it about SEO that is so scary for these high profile individuals? It’s easy, these three words sums up a large portion of any online marketing campaign and it’s imperative that it is handled effectively to reduce the risk of a poor online reputation and ensuring that you boost your online ranking in search results. That is why most companies rely on the best SEO services from top internet marketing agencies, so that they don’t have to keep updated on the always changing trends and algorithms and that they don’t have to spend hours of their week focusing on their search engine optimization campaign.

There are certain myths tat you have believed along the way in terms of your SEO and this may result in you not using the best SEO services to achieve your online goals. This article is going to outline these myths, helping you make better SEO decisions to boost your business moving forward.

The first is that SEO is all about the keywords. In today’s market this is not the case. In fact, the search engines have become exceptionally strict about keywords and penalize companies that over stuff the keywords on a web page, in a blog or their articles and press releases. So therefore you need the finest quality content using certain keywords which are only placed here and there to make the right impact and help to improve your ranking.

Another of the biggest SEO myths is that Google preferred websites that ended in .com. While this may have been the case many many years ago, the truth is that today it should not make much of a difference. Google initially could not identify other domain names and the .com was just one that it could recognize. This means you don’t have to buy a URL with a .com, you should be buying based on your location to help with local search results.

Guest blogging is a waste of time, is just another of the SEO myths that the best SEO service providers have to listen to when putting a SEO strategy in place. People are under the impression that guest blogging is not going to help them achieve tier goals and drive traffic to the website. The fact of the matter is that guest blogging can be exceptionally beneficial in building your brand visibility, reaching a wider target audience and increasing your website traffic.

One of the biggest SEO myths is that you don’t have to do keyword research. In fact, there are so many people that presume that they know their clients and what their clients would be searching for. This is not the case, people search differently to how they speak and the best SEO services provider will conduct a thorough keyword research to increase your chances of a good ranking and helping you reach your audience that little bit easier.

In addition to this, another SEO myth is that social media isn’t essential to a company’s success. This is anything but the truth. Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience. It is the best free advertising to direct clients to your website each and every day.

Source by Anoop K Krishnan

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