The 3 Main Types of Social Networking Sites

Social networking is a branch of internet business where you can market any kinds of products and services. There have been lots of websites that were created the past few years. In fact, there are numerous social networking URL launched every year. The general advantage of these URL allows you to freely market your business anytime and anywhere. Knowing the main types of social networkings sites will help you choose on which particular sites to go to.

Among the popular types of social sites are user generated sites. User generated sites are websites where everyone can freely register an account. Some of the popular sites for mass users are Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. This kind of social networking URL gives you the freedom to interact with other people anywhere around the globe. It is also a type of site where you can market for your business since many users are logging in every minute. Joining to any famous user generated URL can provide you a means for business marketing.

Video and photography sites are other popular type of social sites. These web let you upload unlimited photos and any length of videos. Actually, this kind of web can be categorized as user generated site too because anyone can register and have his own account. It means you can still make interaction and send messages but only through pictures and video clips. In internet business, you can also use photography and videos to advertise your products. Sharing videos and photos regarding your business is a good option for marketing.

The last type of social site where you can do online marketing is blog sites. Blog URL provide you the best ways to share information about your products you are marketing or other details related to your business. Word Press and Blogger are two of the most famous blog sites where you can do both social networking and internet business. Creating blog URL for your business is another key to get higher sales income.

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