The Advantages and Disadvantages to Directory Submissions

One major advantage of directory submission is that it is an easy and rapid way to create link dispersion on search engines without needing to spend too much. Other advantages of directory submissions are:

1. For Permanent Listings: Many SEO specialists and professional SEO consultants consider that older links are of huge importance to search engines and they supplement not only the ranking value of your domain, but also amplify the resale price.

2. Anchor Text: You need to select skilled SEO writers to write good SEO articles for your content to ensure that you rank top in search engines.

3. Screenshots: Quality web site directories and SEO service providers offer automatic screenshots for your web site to help you provide referral visits to your web site.

4. Deep Links: They are exceedingly helpful, if obtained from certain professional SEO services. Web sites with deep links are likely to perform much better than other web sites lacking them.

Disadvantages of Directory Submissions

Of the comparatively few disadvantages of directory submissions, one common disadvantage is that directory submissions are lingering and tiresome. Hence, do some additional work to optimize your web pages or content according to SEO editorial and SEO copy writing guidelines and then select the proper directories for submission.

As search engines adore web sites, which have appropriate inbound one-way links also known as backlinks, these web sites get special treatment during assortment. Hence, when you submit your web site to directories, it is vital for you to select the most appropriate category for your web site.

Next, avoid bulky submission services, as it is very difficult to check the quality of such directories. In addition, there is no assurance that your web site will rank among these services.

Remember that directory submissions are a long-term SEO strategy and not a link strategy. Hence, do not expect extreme inbound traffic from your directory submissions, but instead have patience.

There are several advantages of directory submissions but it is a time consuming task. However, software may help to quicken the process, but you still need to supervise the process.

Overall, there are more advantages than disadvantages to directory submissions, and your web site will hugely gain from a well-studied plan of submission.

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