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Social media has taken over the internet as we know it. Creating social spaces online has allowed millions of potential prospects to-be easily accessible in one space. Being able to reach large groups of people in the matter of seconds through a post has been instrumental to organizations marketing strategies. So it comes as no surprise that most companies have utilized social media to its full marketing potential.

To gain attraction on social media, you have to post relevant and intriguing content to the target audience you are wishing to acquire. That means, posting ads and promotions that speak to your online audiences. One company that has mastered its niche market on social media is Arby’s. It’s weird to think that you would actually want to follow a fast food restaurant on your media pages, but Arby’s is brilliantly posting content that is keeping their viewers entertained and intrigued. With every ad they post having thousands of: views, likes, and shares, Arby’s has given a identity to their brand.

Arby’s online social media pages have thousands of likes and followers. Arby’s Facebook page alone has 2,959,437 likes. Why are people liking and following a fast food company online? Because Arby’s has a genius creative team developing their social media ads. Arby’s has created posts that speak to a target audience of about 18-35. That’s a pretty standard target audience for social media. Arby’s ads are comprised of many components, which in-turn, make their ads go viral. Some of the elements Arby’s ads include are: nostalgia, creativity, simplicity, eye-catching, nerdy, anime, gaming, sarcasm, and art. Arby’s ads incorporate certain aspects that you do not normally see in ads like, gaming and anime references. I think that is why Arby’s has been so successful with their online spaces, they speak to a certain niche market that has not been spoken too before. Anime and gaming are massive markets for people of all ages to enjoy. Arby’s has tapped into that niche market of anime and gaming, that people have life long attachments too. Arby’s using that to their advantage, have created nostalgic ads that have grabbed the attention of their target market. With each posts: views, shares, likes, and comments being in the thousands, it is evident that Arby’s has creative team knows what they are doing.

Arby’s ads do not only include subjects like anime and gaming, most of Arby’s ads contain components of nostalgia. Creating ads that invoke feeling are the most successful advertisements. Creating ads that have sentimental value, or some sort of meaning to someone, creates the high possibility of your ads creating lasting impressions. Which should be your goal with your advertisements. Using this technique of invoking feelings in advertisements, Arby’s ads average anywhere between 3,000 to 30,000 shares per post. Sharing posts on social media is never ending. A company posts an ad, that ad invokes feeling in someone and they share the ad to their page, then so on and so on. Arby’s is changing the way people see and interact with large fast food chains.

Social media will only continue you to expand and grow. New social sites, or apps, are coming out almost every day. Companies utilizing their media accounts should be a top priority. Arby’s has figured out how social media can be used to its full potential. Arby’s is a fast food restaurant that has millions of positive reactions from the social media community. It has allowed Arby’s to create a persona for their brand, which in turn, has successfully built their online following of millions.

Source by Abbi Dowell

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