Complete R6025 “Pure Virtual Function Call” Error Fix – Working Tutorial

The “r6025” error is a problem caused by the actual functions that your software has been designed to use, and is basically where your PC will be unable to properly read a certain feature of your program. Although this is quite a common problem, it’s actually quite easy to fix if you know how to resolve any of the errors which are leading it to show.

The error you’ll most likely see caused by r6025 is:

“Runtime Error R6025 – Pure Virtual Function Call”

The error itself is caused by the way in which your system is attempting to read the functions / processes which it requires to run. Every software tool on your system has a central set of functions which will control everything from how the program loads to how fast it can run. The error you’re seeing is caused by a “pure virtual function” inside your software being unreadable – causing your computer to just stop functioning properly.

If you have this error, it generally means that there is a central problem with the functions the program has been designed with. This is a programming issue, and if you see the problem when you’re developing a piece of software – it basically means that you’ll have to change the way it will call the virtual functions you may have included in the software. If you’re seeing the error when you’re using the software, it generally means that you have some sort of problem with the way the program is installed or is running – making it recommended that you re-install the program and perhaps update it.

A common cause of the r6025 error is actually down to the way in which the “registry” of your PC will somehow damage or corrupt the settings which it uses to run the application you have. The registry is a central database which keeps all the files, settings and information that your computer requires to run, and is where everything from the likes of your desktop wallpaper to your latest emails are kept. Despite being a highly important part of Windows, the registry database is continually being damaged – leading your system to run much slower and with a lot of errors. To fix this, you should download and run a registry cleaner program to fix any of the potential problems that are leading the r6025 error to appear.

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