Affiliate Request Denied – What To Do Next

Waiting For Approval

You take the time to find a half-decent product to promote on JVZoo or WarriorPlus, you check it out, look at the sales page and statistics, request approval and then you wait.

Affiliate Status Below:

Eventually you get that long-awaited email that informs you: “You will find the status of your affiliate request below”.

Ticket to Financial Freedom?

In eager anticipation, you scan the email with your heart pounding. Will this be my ticket to financial freedom? Then, you see the aforementioned status in block capitals:


There’s no explanation and no attempt to soft-soap you. Not even a Dear John. It’s just a cold, harsh no. You feel the rejection in the pit of your stomach and that’s understandable. It’s what you do next, however, that separates the marketers from the “also-rans”.

What Can You Do Now?

Sure – you could try reaching out to the vendor with some kind of plea bargain but they’re unlikely to even see it or respond.

Getting Approved

I know this is tough for you when you’re just starting out and haven’t made (m)any affiliate sales. You see – I know that one of the hardest challenges you face as an affiliate (on top of getting traffic and sales) is even getting approved to promote products in the first place.

Don’t Give Up

How can you break the vicious cycle? Well, the first step is not to give up, ever. We’ve all been there and it’s hard.

Proven Track Record

When you apply to become an affiliate, most product owners want to see you have a track record. They want to see that you have made at least one affiliate sale.

Build Relationships

But how can you make a sale if you can’t get approval? Well one way is to build a relationship with as many product creators as you can on Facebook, for example. One of them will eventually approve you as an affiliate, especially if you have shown them some social media love by liking and commenting on their posts.

I Need Your Help

It is worthwhile, in particular keeping an eye out for newbie marketers who need as much help as you can give them in promoting their offer.

You Are Approved

When you see that email in your inbox from JVZoo or WarriorPlus the status of your affiliate request will read as APPROVED. Then all you have to do is start promoting the product. Of course that is a different article entirely!

Source by Michael J Cheney

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