Google Bookmarking Sites: Ranking High On Google

When we think about social sites, the first thing that is generally thought of is sites like and However, there is another popular form of communicating as well as popularizing sites and that is social bookmarking. These sites allow you to submit sites that can get voted by other members of the site. This is also a good way to get ranked high on keyword terms on Google. Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world. Of course this is arguable since we are now shifting into this new wave of engagement, which is social media, but for now they are the biggest powerhouse on the internet today.

When you are using social bookmarking sites on Google, you have to consider the PR ranking of the site as well as the keyword phrases that you are using to rank high on Google. It is not enough to put up a link on the site and hope that your site will soar through the rankings. You also need to keep yourself in front of research sites that will help you with company recommendations as well as information on ranking in other search engines such as see updates, and SEO updates as well. This way you can make sure that you can get into these other engines as well.

You will also want to use social bookmarking sites as a way to get backlinks and increase the value of your site. When you submit your site to these places, in most cases you will only be able to submit the site once so you will need to find as many of these sites you can to make sure that you can submit your website to multiple places to help you rank high on Google. Again, social bookmarking helps you with your ranking because of back linking.

Content is also important because you will need to have your keywords fit into the content of all of your submissions. This will help you rank in multiple keywords under one submission as well.

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