Social Media As a Sales Tool?

Well hello folks, and before I blurt out my thoughts, I am well prepared to be shot down in flames by those who truly understand this new phenomenon.

I am not ashamed to say that I am a bit old fashioned and what once came naturally to me is now lost in a sea of technology and I realise that to keep up I have to get my head around this stuff.

So out with the brochure or flyer and in with the banner ad!

In recent times, I have been coached by one of the best to educate me in this topic, and it is now only just sinking in that unlike conventional forms of advertising it is easily measurable. If the results that you expect aren’t being achieved then you either change your message or change your target audience. OK you need a person to do the changes on the fly unless of course you are blessed with the skills to do it yourself.

I am of the opinion that social media in sales is now an essential part of any companies marketing mix (OK so I am a few years behind – maybe others are too).

So, a banner ad is? A digital file that advertises your product / service on a 3rd party website.

And the cost is? Good question.

First you need someone who can design your ad (no different to normal creative costs)

Then you need someone to assist with where to place that ad for best results (websites)

So is a top line text ad more effective than a side placed attractive banner? No answer to this but from recent experience a top line text ad seems to attract more attention.

Cost per click vs cost per impression – be careful! Cost per impression means someone viewed the website where your ad was placed. No one clicks on the ad and it costs you money! Before you know it you have spent thousands of dollars.

Cost per click means someone saw your ad and clicked on it and that costs you money too. The important thing is how many clicks on your ad convert to enquiries about your product or service.

The most important thing is that with social media advertising you can track results on the run, which is so vital to ensure ROI for your advertising dollar.

For me, I am still in a steep learning curve, and maybe this article puts a few basics into perspective.

Happy Selling!

Source by Kon Beyner

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