Using Social Media Creatively to Tell Your Story

When it comes to marketing for your business, telling your story (even if it is one of many) is critical to your success in business. You must always have a story to tell and not only is how you tell the story important but where you tell your story is often just as important when it comes to achieving the desired results.

Why your story is so important
You may not be sure why telling your story is such a necessity when it comes to writing content and marketing that content for your business. Well, your story is absolutely critical to your brand’s and your business’ success because it is how you are able to connect with the other person as two human beings and it is also how you demonstrate who you are and the values that you hold dear.

When it comes to sharing your story, your chosen social media channels are a wonderful vehicle to do just that and to do it extremely successfully. Here is how you go about accomplishing that.

  • Tell your story on Facebook: Your Facebook fans enjoy a good story very much. If your story is well written and compelling, your fans will have no problem reading your posts all the way to the end. That all depends on how you present the information. With Facebook, you have the opportunity to tell a really beautiful story and you can tell that story as elaborately or as succinctly as you wish. It just depends on your writing style and on your target audience members. If you feel that you have a lot to share with your fans, you may want to choose to write a longer post. Just remember to keep it compelling and engaging. If you do that, other people will want to read your story and they will want to keep on reading other stories that you share in the future.
  • Tell your story with images: In many cases, a picture is worth a thousand words. Using images to tell your story is a wonderfully creative way to grab the attention of your target audience members. If you have experienced an event that you would like to share with other people online, images will probably work extremely well. You can post the photo album and it can be shared in its entirety subsequently many times and in many places. That will also make it easy for other people to share your story with other people whom they know (if they feel that your story is worth sharing). Your album should encompass the whole experience, including other people who attended who you fee had some significance, as well as any other photos (or other images) that were also worth sharing in your opinion.
  • Tell your story with a video: Videos can be an extremely effective way to tell your story. Just as is the case with the written word, a video can be shorter or it can be longer. Don’t be afraid to tell your story at length, if you feel that what you have to say will be of interest to other people. Of course, if you don’t have a lot to say, there is no point in just dragging out your video just to take up minutes. Make sure that the amount of time that you take to tell your story is the most appropriate amount of time for what you have to say.
  • Tell your story using storyboards: Another way to share your story is with a combination of words and images. It can be a very effective way to tell your story because it will appeal to many different people. Some people react more positively to the written word and others react more positively to images because they are visual people. The storyboard luckily satisfies both types of people.
  • Tell your story with a combination of original and curated content: You can take some concepts from curated content and combine those with your own story and experiences. It is a creative and effective way to tell your story and other people will be able to relate to what you are saying.


Telling your story is essential for your brand and for your business and using your chosen social media channels to tell your story is an intelligent, effective way to do just that. It helps you to establish a solid connection with your readers. The reality is that each and every time that you post content, you are sharing a story with your intended target audience. You are involved with social media on a regular basis for your business anyway so you may as well take full advantage of all that it has to offer you.

Source by Michael Cohn

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