Why Couponing Is Important for Digital Marketing?

Let’s look back in the year 1887 when the fate of a brand changed overnight owing to a simple trick – Promotional Deals & Offers. In order to attract customers, Asa Candler the founder of a soft drink brand started distributing hand-written notes that offered the customers a glass of drink at 5 cents and the rest is history. With no time an insignificant carbonated soft drink became the market-dominating drink. Since then, the coupon has become an essential part of marketing to increase conversion rate and average order value.

Why Should Every Business Value Coupons & Offers?

In spite of this, some proprietors are cynical of its constructive use, as they believe promotional offers decrease the price of an item leading to lower revenue or undervalue the service or products. This is factual in the short run, but when you yearn for a stronghold in the market, a coupon is indisputably profitable. Merchants actually ignore 70% of the potential buyers by not proffering online deals, and it was never so true than this age of internet marketing. The rise of Google and other search engines has made it extremely easier to find deals and offers and, customers tend to pull the trigger of the brand that offers the highest discount. Promotional offers extend the budget of the buyers that in a roundabout way persuade them to buy more items.

According to research, 78% of the consumers are somehow influenced to shop a brand that he wouldn’t typically purchase due to an attractive voucher. Almost 68% of customers believe digital coupon has a positive impact on the brand and encourage them to try the product.

Why Should Promotional Coupon Be An Integral Part Of Digital Marketing Campaign?

• Nearly 91% of the loyal shoppers of a brand will look for a coupon before purchasing a product and unavailability of coupon tend to dissuade them. It’s prominent, promotional code has a positive impact on brand loyalty, vouchers bring the brand to a larger number of audiences and opens up a vast untapped market, that means coupon can increase brand loyalty for a larger segment of the users and in the absence of the deals they would have never preferred the merchant’s products at the first place.

• Recapitulating all the points we can say shoppers always want a great deal. If they can’t afford your product in the first place they can’t experience it and if they can’t experience it, the penchant, the affinity for your brand won’t grow. Promote online coupon codes to build positive word of mouth.

• In the age of the internet, people look for a recommendation before purchasing a product in social media platforms, and only brand loyalty encourages customers to leave positive feedback about the brands. 84% of buyers rely on online reviews in so far as personal recommendations. With the growth and immense popularity of instant sharing apps, online directories, social media sites and dedicated product review sites online reviews have become more influential in making a purchase decision. Reviews about your business don’t only impact the customers who are looking for information about the business on online platforms but also consumers who are looking for similar services or products that you offer. Positive online reviews from loyal consumers can bring new leads to your website.

• Website traffic is imperative as the number of visitors amounts to the number of opportunities to welcome new customers. The more traffic towards your website the more scopes you have to generate qualified leads, nurture, solve their problem and sell the service or product, make new clients, build a loyal group of customers and continue to enhance the business.

Nowadays there are several digital tools and platforms are at your disposal to meet customers’ loyalties and attention. Besides that offering tie-up with coupon sites to grow the digital presence of your presence and get hold of a larger group of customers, they are the boons for e-commerce platforms.

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